The Shortcuts People Take With SEO Backlinks

The minute that people figured out that seo is helped with the generation of backlinks, millions started to get them as soon as possible. For many, this may have started innocently enough, trying to get a little bit of a push in the internet searches, but over time it completely snowballed. The snowball effect was so drastic, that it turned into a huge problem. The problem is now rampant and while search engine algorithms change all the time, people still rely on a variety of shortcuts to get to the top of the pile. If you have ever attempted to move forward with search engine optimization and have been presented this sort of opportunity, then you definitely know what may happen. For those that aren’t aware of the shortcuts, consider a few of the more prominent issues that people have while trying to work with this solution for optimization and traffic.


The Commenting Problem People Created

Bloggers commentBloggers got smart at one point, they saw that they would get traffic if they just started to comment on all sorts of pages. Plugins were even developed to help people get moving forward with this solution and in the end, people were dropping comments all over the world on blogs that had nothing to do with their own, but would send a link to their page. As the pages built and steam kept going forward, a great deal of increase was felt. It’s there that the problem started. As more and more people left frivolous comments, people developed software to push forward as well. That created spam and spam is all over the blogging world, to the point where some sites get commented on that haven’t been updated in years, but still give off some page rank.


Paying Others For A Multitude of Links

Another way people have gamed the system and generated a lot of seo backlinks the wrong way is through the purchase of them from a variety of sources. These sources have given off thousands of links, and they usually drop them in one day. You can order 1,000 or even 10,000 backlinks and then some by just paying a few dollars. In some cases the cost is so minimal, that people don’t see a big deal with purchasing and trying them out. The problem here is that you end up having to deal with the penalties that come as a result of these in place. When search engines find your linking strategy, they end up dealing with you in a harsh manner. That means that you could get deranged or completely delisted from search results.


Forum Spam

Forum SpamForums exist to allow extensive communication on just about any niche you can think of. As a result, you will find that some people spam things incredibly. Spam proliferates these pages and causes a lot of different problems for websites that are looking to promote different keywords. When you’re looked at as a spammer, you will end up losing out. Forum spam is a terrible way to move forward with backlinks as it could pose serious issue moving forward. Let’s say that you wanted to stop this, you would have to somehow find where your spam links were posted and then try to pull them out. Pulling out those links is beyond difficult, especially if you paid a professional to do it for you.


In the end, seo is helped by good backlink generation. However, it’s too easy to lose sight of how to do it correctly. It’s not a good thing to take shortcuts, even if the doors seem open for you to do so. Instead of chasing this, you’ll want to look into this opportunity to earn links or to get them through social media.